Inspection checklist for buying a used motorbike

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Inspection checklist for buying a used motorbike

Buying and Selling vehicles is a very common thing these days. Most of us don’t want to hang on to the same vehicle for long, and not always is it feasible or advisable to invest in a new vehicle. Youngsters and older individuals alike, are preferring to change after owning a motorbike for a short period. Today investing on motorbikes is the latest thing- and is a preferred mode of transport across ages from 16 to 60. But while investing on a used motorbike a little caution goes a long way.

The reasons for change could be plenty-

  • Our friends have a better model, or a trendier bike tops the list of reasons, in case of youngsters.
  • First-time buyers- like youngsters or in most cases women, don’t want to invest in a new bike till they are comfortable with driving on roads and also because it is easier to learn on a used bike.
  • Budget
  • Avoiding public transport
  • Faster mode of travel than a car- if you are stuck in traffic in a car, it takes a lot longer to maneuver yourself out of the snarl
  • Less grief in finding a parking spot and the list goes on

You need to do a lot of rational thinking before you buy a used motorbike. Always go to check out a used motorbike in broad daylight. Since you are already buying a used bike, you need to pick something reasonably decent to sell it later.

First list the reasons why you want to buy a bike-

  • Is it for driving around in the city or for longer distances?
  • Where would you like to buy- online or from a used vehicle dealer- If it is purchased from a used vehicle dealer, it is always better.

If you are looking for buying a motorbike online, it is advisable not to fall for the vehicle going by the product description. Always insist on meeting the seller personally and check the motorbike before you close the deal.

If the deal sounds too good, be cautious.

It is better to avoid out of town deals.

If you are still opting to make an online purchase, make sure that that you do a through research of the dealer and how he has been rated by other buyers.

  • What price range are you looking at?

So, now that you have decided on what exactly you are looking for in a used vehicle, you need to think like Sherlock, or you will end up with a clunker in your hands.

Usually, it is safer to buy a used motorbike from a dealer than from a private party. Used bikes purchased from dealers come with warranties. Otherwise, they offer free servicing for a few months to a year. But in case of a private sale, the responsibility of the seller ends once the deal is closed.

Never commit to buying a used motorbike the very first time you have a look at it. Always make a check-list and follow it through. At first glance, you should be able to check out the following facts-

  • The motorbike looks well-kept.
  • No fluids are leaking from anywhere.
  • The motorbike does not have any dents and scratches which could mean it was involved in a crash.
  • Now once you get that out of the way the Sherlock part comes to the forefront.


Check the Chassis Number

This the foremost thing to do. This helps in checking out if the vehicle was stolen. Chassis number along with the vehicle number should be crosschecked with the original vehicle registration papers. Make sure that the documents don’t look tampered with.

Also, check if the motorbike has hypothecation clearance papers. Check if the vehicle insurance papers, road tax papers and pollution check and any challans are all paid up and up-to-date. Be vigilant while going through the paperwork and ensure that they are not forged.

Check the ownership

Find out all details regarding the owner of the vehicle. It is essential that you have the signatures of the registered owner on the NOC when you get the vehicle transferred to your name. You can also learn a lot about the seller through various social media networks and get to know about him as a person.

Start the Motorbike when it is cold

The engine of the bike should be cold, and I mean cold and not warm. If the engine is cold, when you start it you will know if it has any starting problems. Touch the pipes and tubes to check that they are cold. When it starts for the first time, you will know by knocking or rattling sound that the motorbike will makes if it has any problems. If it is very noisy, you might need to shell out more money to get that fixed.

Also, check if the vehicle is emitting a lot of smoke. This is a cause for concern and points to neglect on behalf of the owner, and it is better to look for other options.

Conduct a thorough examination of the body

A thorough check of the paint job on the vehicle body is important. That is the first thing that will be altered if the vehicle is a stolen one. Check the handlebars, levers, clutches and foot pegs; it will speak a lot about the driver who used the bike. Cuts and scratches on them point that the driver must have been a rash one. It is your hint to check out for any accidents that the vehicle was involved in.

Check out the tires and the seat. If the tires look worn out evenly then it is not a cause for concern but if it looks unevenly worn out that is a sign that the bike has suffered at the hands of its owner.

Take the Motorbike for a test ride

This is the time for your rational thinking to kick into action. Check out how the bike performs on the road and depending on the engine capacity you can also check out how much mileage it is giving on-road, though you might have to compromise a little as it is a used bike. Check the brakes and suspension and the odometer to see if it is in working condition. It’s better to take a slightly longer ride to get a clear picture of how the vehicle is sounding.

Once you have done your Sherlock bit now you need your bargaining skills to do the rest of the work. It is always better to get your mechanic check-out the vehicle after you have satisfied yourself. They have better know how to check out the internal parts to ensure that everything is in working order and not rusting and decaying.

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