10 Simplest Ways to make the best of Online Classifieds

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10 Simplest Ways to make the best of Online Classifieds

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Online classifieds are great platforms for both buyers and sellers looking for easy ways to transact. Whether an individual, a small business or a hobbyist, who is into trading new or used stuff, gaining access to wider marketplace that offers security of transactions with safety of personal information, etc., is only a click away with these ads.

The fast-paced life, thanks to the rapid technological developments, makes everything obsolete in no time.

Well, you may want to replace the outdated stuff with the latest versions in the market. Place a perfect online ad to meet credible buyers, who offer reasonable price in exchange for your goods so you use the proceeds to buy latest products.

Why online classifieds?

The simple answer is, we are in 2018 and we live and breathe internet, right?

The days of traditional newspaper classifieds are gone, long ago. Buyers and sellers could not resist the lure of ad features online platforms offer.

Powered by internet, these platforms make it easy to access wider markets, as against the limited geographical reach of newspaper ads, offers you the ability to add media – images and videos of products on sale – in contrast to the descriptive shorthand messages of newspaper, free ad posting, reviews, verified sellers and buyers bring these ads millions of visitors every day.

All that definitely sounds irresistible! In fact, you may even plan to leverage the power of this amazing platform when you need to buy something or sell stuff that you might have.

Remember, the online-classifieds market is huge and there is immense competition for both buying and selling. Therefore, before you start dealing in this huge marketplace, you need to understand how to use the platform to your advantage so you derive maximum benefits.

10 simplest ways to make the best of online classifieds

1) Understand your target demographics:

You need to research the market well before you post ads to buy or sell. Thorough research will help you understand the reasons why people come to the online classifieds site; it helps you with the terminology to use, etc. Once you have such information you should draft an attractive ad that lists out those exact benefits of your offerings, so you get response from the target market.

2) Establish a process and prepare templates:

Success requires proper organizational skills. You need to establish a process that covers all the basic steps, so you follow the pattern for all the ads. Preparing template will save your time and makes sure that you do not miss any piece of information and answer all the relevant questions. The template should include all basic information about the product or service, common questions your target may have, meeting place, payment options etc.

3) Grab attention with Headlines:

Whether you want to buy or sell, writing the perfect ad that grabs the attention of your target customers is important. Headlines are great tools that help grab the eyeballs and create an interest in your ad. As the first bait, your headline should create curiosity in the minds of the reader, offer something they are looking for, and use a call to action, i.e., requesting the readers to take a certain action.

4) Include complete product description:

Once you have the reader’s attention with the headline, you need to keep the interest of the reader with attractive ad description. Provide every detail about the product or service with special emphasis on the benefits, the specifications, the price, etc. You need to be very honest in offering the product details, as overstating the benefits may sound fraudulent and the customer may leave your page.

5) Add Quality images:

The saying, a picture speaks thousand words, might sound cliché, but remains true forever. Adding high quality images to your ad will help build trust alongside helping readers see the product available for sale. Especially, for some services, whether you want to buy or sell, you need to include images to show the quality you expect or you can deliver. Use quality camera with contrast background to enhance the look of the product, however do not Photoshop or edit to make the product look any better than it is for real. 

6) Set the right price:

Price is an important factor that makes or breaks a deal, so you need to price your products or services appropriately so you clinch the deal. Whether buying or selling, you know how much you can buy it for, or sell it for, so price your products/services accordingly.

7) Create an Offer: 

You need to use your creative skills so you attract the readers to your classified ad. Creating an irresistible offer helps your ad grab the attention of your target readers. Including words like limited days sale, one of a kind, high quality hand-made product, luxury product, etc., will compel the reader to make a purchase decision

8) Encourage the reader to act:

The rules of creating perfect ad include attract with headline, maintain the interest with the body, create a strong desire by including images, and finally, encourage the reader to act. You may use words such as buy now, call now, limited stocks, etc., encouraging readers to take the desired action.

9) Contact details:

Well, the whole purpose of creating an ad is to meet someone interested in buying or selling the product, so you need to specify contact details for further discussions, negotiations, and eventually meeting for the transaction. Offer valid phone numbers, email address, right time to contact you, etc. for further discussions.

10) Stay Safe: 

Exercising caution and care when buying or selling is necessary whether you buy/sell on e-commerce stores or using classifieds ads websites. Having realistic expectations protects you from fraudulent ads that exaggerate about the products/services. Schedule meeting at a safe place during the daytime, make sure to test the products before making the payment, and accept safe modes of payments that do not require divulging personal or financial information such as cash payments.

In conclusion, whether you are experienced or new to online classifieds, you need to research, use your creativity, writing skills, follow time-tested tips for buying and selling online to achieve success with classified ads.

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