10 Common Myths about Online Jobs

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10 Common Myths about Online Jobs

Online jobs lure aspirants by offering work-from-home opportunities with the ability to work from the comforts of home, without having to negotiate the hectic traffic, fight pollution, etc. Such flexibility and convenience has encouraged businesses and candidates to explore more such options.

The advancements in information technology has made life easier and has opened up infinite possibilities for businesses. It helps both businesses and customers with efficiency, convenience, and options. Companies can find talents anywhere in the country or even the world, avoid spending on infrastructure office space, travel expenses, time, etc., while employees can find world-wide opportunities save time and can even work on multiple projects same time.

Reality of Online Jobs

While the many advantages that online jobs offer sounds irresistible, the way the advocates of these opportunities promote them, at times by exaggerating, might sound like fraud to many. Especially, the absence of physical work place, co-workers, etc., creates confusion and suspicion in the minds of many.

Well, no doubt, you need to be cautious and research well before applying for such opportunities, as there are many misconceptions and rumours surrounding these online work options.

You need to research the opportunities thoroughly and not fall for get rich quick schemes.  You may have read many online success stories, however, you need to understand like any traditional job, and even the remote work opportunities require a concrete action plan, effective implementation, dedication, and hard work.

Understanding the reality of remote jobs will help you decide if these jobs suit your personality and help you avoid frauds, loss of time, and efforts. Here are some myth busters that help you make a well-informed decision about such jobs.

Myth # 1: Makes you rich Quick

The biggest lure of such jobs is that you can make money easy and quick.  You often come across job ads that read, “Make thousands of Dollars easily from the comforts of home without any investment.” The fact is that these jobs require hard work, patience so you earn reputation with employers and earn big.

You need to develop the right skills, over value to your client business so you win more and more clients and business. Remember that the get rich overnight statements are first signs of fraud and you should not get into these jobs lured only by such statement or you will face disappointment.

Myth # 2: Anyone can work online

You may have come across many remote job adverts that say, anyone can make money with computer and internet connection. While it is true that anyone can do these jobs, working online is definitely a challenge! The caveat is you need to have self-discipline, commitment, concentration, etc., so you do not get distracted working from home. Remember you are responsible for your work; you do not have co-workers, team leads or managers keeping an eye on you, to remind and caution you about deadlines etc., so the chances of distraction may be heavy. You need to stay laser focused on productivity.

Myth # 3: Right age for Remote working

Whether you are 18 years or 60 years of age, it does not matter, you can still find jobs online and make a living. There is no age restrictions, mandatory educational requirements for these jobs.  With the right skill set, client orientation, ability to add value to clients business you can start working from home at any age.

Myth # 4: Makes you lonely and anti-social

One of the biggest myth of working from home is that it makes you lonely, as you do not have co-workers, team leaders, managers around which makes you anti-social even leads to depression. 

Well, if you like working alone, you may work from calm, serene surroundings of your home, etc., but if you are people person likes to be among people then you may choose to work from a coffee shop or better you many subscribe to the co-working spaces, where many freelancers work independently, creating an office like environments.

Myth # 5:  Communication problems

The myth that freelancers, working remotely fail to communicate clearly and effectively, however the advent of technology has made it easy to communicate clearly irrespective of the client and employees location. You have many software tools such as Skype, zoom, webinars that facilitate proper communication between employees.  In addition, the various project management software make it easy to communicate, manage projects and tasks effectively.

Myth # 6: Data Security Issues

Data is wealth, and companies take privacy, confidentially of their data seriously. Companies may fear the breach of data security when offering jobs to stay at home workers, and workers may feel worried if the data security tools that companies require may compromise their personal information stores on their devices. However, companies use latest, and robust security tools, cloud software that does not require access to your physical devices or installing any tracking software on them, they use sophisticated tools to monitor and make sure data is not accessible to un-authorized personnel.

Myth # 7: You have no Boss

One of the biggest myth of freelance jobs is that you work for yourself, and you do not have a boss. Well, while it is true that freelancing is more of a business, you still are responsible for the tasks assigned for the jobs that you undertake. Your client is your boss; you asks you questions and hold you responsible for the project you have accepted.

Myth # 8: Marketing consumes more time

While it is true that when you start out as an independent freelancer you will have to spend more time looking for work, but once you establish yourself as a reliable, trustworthy freelancer, you need not spend much time marketing your services, as you get repeat business, and references from satisfied clients.

Myth # 9: More Free time

Well, if you enter the freelance work style assuming that you can enjoy more free time without a boss around working form your home, then you will be disappointed. As a freelancer, you need to establish yourself, so you get more projects, clients and business. These jobs are more demanding and require complete attention and concentration.

Myth # 10 You have to bid low

Bidding low will not necessarily help you bag more projects, they may help you find some work initially, which you can use to build portfolio. In fact, clients understand that low pay is not the criteria to assign a project; they look for factors such as your cover letter, your skill set, your abilities and would pay fair price for your services.

In conclusion, proper research about working remote jobs will help you the myth and facts about these jobs and help you prepare well for a successful career.

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