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About Us

Imagine if posting ads online is not only free and easy, but also a rich and engaging experience for users. Adzilla is a feature-rich online platform for posting ads which provides both buyers and sellers satisfying and hassle-free transactions. On Adzilla, you can post unlimited free ads and buy or sell your goods/services across India.

Why Choose Us?

What makes us stand out from thousands of classifieds portals out there is our attractive and user-friendly interface, easy navigation and first-of-its-kind features like video ads, sharing ads on social-media, comments on ads, make-an-offer on ads, customised google map integration, follow users and much more!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      What annoys us about online classifieds industry is that most websites offer very poor or at best mediocre user interface that makes visitors cringe upon their first visit. And they don’t care to go back to that website ever again. Imagine if you book a hotel room and upon your arrival, you find it to be messy or cluttered. Would you think about staying for long or booking it again? We wouldn’t either. It shows that the owner of the business doesn’t have enough respect for his/her customers and their needs. We want to see that changed.

And we want to see that change by being that change. Our aim is not only to empower buyers and sellers by providing them a platform to connect with each other, but also to make them feel at home when they visit Adzilla. Nothing makes us more excited than making our users feel proud to be a part of Adzilla. And we consider our efforts fruitful when users, completely satisfied with their experience at Adzilla, want to tell their friends and family about us.

What We Do?

Our unique approach consists in considering ourselves not as a business offering a service to customers,but as a customer desiring a better and better experience at Adzilla. This helps us put ourselves in the shoes of our users, empathise with their needs and stay updated with the current trends. In other words, we would never provide a classifieds platform that we ourselves wouldn’t want to visit.

Research shows that:

Empathy is a central requirement for building a strong, engaged relationship between the customer and an organization. Emoticons are one way of building this rapport, but companies need to be sure that their use matches the needs and expectations of their customer demographic – otherwise it could potentially have the opposite effect.

We achieve and maintain rapport with our users by making sure that:

  • Our interface is clean, updated and easy to navigate
  • All users adhere to our listing policy
  • Adzilla is free from spam and abuse
  • Users’ ads get more visibility through cheapest premium plans and search engine optimisation
  • Our support is friendly, respectful and empathetic

Want to give Adzilla a try? Submit an ad today or refer us to a friend. It doesn’t cost a penny!

If you think we’re still missing a point or want to share your feedback, please contact our support. We love hearing from you!